picture of Fat Biking
picture of Fat Biking
picture of Fat Biking


  • 30 min. walk
  • Destination varies on the weather
  • 4 hours

Price 79 € per person

Book this in advance

Biking on Snow

Fun for everyone! Enjoy the peace and nature at your pace as we lead you through beautiful areas of the National Park. Our biking trail takes us through snowy Arctic forest where we will experience the real peace and serenity of Arctic nature.

Everyone will have a special bike with fat tyres which run easily on snowy trails. Lots of fun can be expected on this tour. We stop at a wilderness café or open shelter for a break and snack at the half way point.

The Equipment

For this very adventurous activity you'll get your bike and a helmet. You don't get extra clothing, but don't dress to warm, because you'll sweat to easily then (and it'll start to freeze).

Did you know?

In December 2012, Eric Larsen attempted to be the first person to fatbike to the South Pole. He made it 280 kilometres before turning around. In his attempt he set the record for the most kilometres traveled by bicycle in Antarctica. Daniel P. Burton broke the record in 2014 when he rode his bike successfully to the South Pole

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