picture of Horseback Riding
picture of Horseback Riding
picture of Horseback Riding
picture of Horseback Riding


  • 20 min. transfer
  • 5 km tour
  • Approx. 2 hours

Price 73 € per person

Optionally, should be booked in advance!

Siberian Jay or Fox's Way

This peaceful, slow paced riding excursion is a dream for an individual who enjoys the peace and quiet of nature as well as feeling each step of the horse whilst glazing through the untouched nature. This is an easy track in the woods, so it will also be perfect for a beginner. Our reliable horses guide you through the forest by the river creek on to the edge of the swamp and back to the stables.

The Equipment

After bonding with your horse, you'll receive all the necessary gear to complete the trip. The admission to enter the national parks, a liability insurance and a hot drink are also included.

Did you know?

The animals up north control their body heat with something called "hypometabolism". It slows the metabolism and makes sure the horse gets all the nutrition they need and it can preserve the body temperature to survive.

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