picture of Reindeer
picture of Reindeer
picture of Reindeer
picture of Reindeer
picture of Reindeer


  • 30 min. transfer
  • 4 km sled ride
  • 2.5 hours

Price 140 € pp

Included in the price

The Home of Rudolph

Reindeer are walking around on the wide meadows of Lapland for centuries. In summer they are free to go wherever they want, but as soon winter has come and everything is covered in a big layer of snow, they return to the farm, where they are nourished with love.

In winter, if they're not flying around the world on 24th December, they resume their ancient task: transport people across the snow. On the reindeer farm we learn that a reindeer can carry up to three times its own weight and that they loose their antlers in winter (because they only need it in summer).

They'll take you for a ride of 4 kilometres and afterwards you can reward them by feeding them. You will see the entire horde and you'll get to know all about the animals with a hot cup of (can you guess it?) berry juice.

The Equipment

The visit to the farm is calm and is definitely to do with your normal thermal clothes, but the animals want to takes us for a ride and wind can be fierce here. You'll receive a blanket for the cold but better be prepared and bring your scarf, hat, gloves and balaclava.

Did you know?

Santa's loyal animals have special hoofs that makes it possible to dig deep through the ice. This way, it's still possible for them to eat after the first snow has fallen.

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