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picture of Skiing
picture of Skiing
picture of Skiing
picture of Skiing


  • 55 km slopes
  • 10 min. by bus (departs in front of the lodge, €3,50)
  • Equipment for rental on location
  • 719 meters above sea level

Price €45 for 3 hours

To purchase on site

Skiing with an amazing sunset

From the lodge, you can take a direct bus to the skiing area of Ylläs. After a 10 minute drive, you'll reach the station. There you can buy your ski pass + key card to go up the hill with the gondola. If you don't ski but want to join your friends, you can also pay for a return ticket on the gondola. There's a typical tavern on top of the hill where you can drink and eat something. If you have the time, you should definitely come and check the sunset here. It's breathtaking.

The equipment

Of course you can bring your own equipment to conquer the Ylläs Mountain, but if you rather not, you can rent all skiing equipment in the ski resort. A ski set for a full day will cost you €35, a snowboard set for the day is €45. You can always bring your own gear, but this will be much more expensive as you need to pay the extra checked in baggage charge.

You can buy your pass beforehand online, but we advise you to buy it on site as the weather can be rather volatile.

Did you know?

It is believed skiing originated from Lapland. Prehistoric skis were found here on archaeological sites. And 10,000 year old wall paintings depicted what looks like a prehistoric form of skiing. The word ‘ski’ even originates from the Old Norse word ‘skíð’ which means ‘split length of wood’.

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