picture of Snow mobile
picture of Snow mobile
picture of Snow mobile
picture of Snow mobile


  • 5 min. transfer
  • 20 km tour
  • 2 hours
  • Driver's License B is obligated to drive!

Price €80 pp

Included in the package

Into the wild

Since the Sami (the oldest, independent, recognised people in Lapland) discovered this motorised vehicle, they let their reindeer run free and exchanged their pulling power for solid horsepower. Today, many of them use snowmobiles for their daily movements and some daredevilry, but above all to herd their herd of reindeer together.

After being clearly explained how to drive these machines safely, we leave in pairs for a 20-kilometre trip through the Laps landscape. Halfway we stop to change drivers*.

*If you don't own a driver's license B, you can experience the tour as a passenger.

The equipment

For this activity we'll supply a thermal overall, balaclava, gloves, boots, a helmet and ski goggles. The clutch of the scooter is heated, so you can ride comfortable.

Did you know?

Mr. White (coincidence?) was the first to use the word "snowmobile". Early in the winter of 1922, fifteen year old J. Armand Bombardier designed a wind driven sleigh with a Model T engine.

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