• 20 min. walk
  • Trail of choice
  • 3 hours

Price € 108 p.p.

Included in the package

A must do in Äkäslompolo

Äkäslompolo is a cross country oasis. In the area there are total of 330 km of mechanically prepared cross country trails. Gentle and quiet trails are also perfect for learning. A professional ski instructor we can help you to get started in both techniques, classic and skating, and improve your skills to make everything smoother and effortless. ​

The equipment

The gear set included the cross country skis, boots and sticks. You don't get extra clothing, but we advise you to not wear too much, as this is a very intensive exercise.

Did you know?

Cross country skiing is part of Finnish culture, and nearly every Finn learns it right after taking their first steps. Decades ago, it was an important means of transport in the winter, and skiing across forests and lakes on the way to work or school was commonplace. In smaller communities, kids still ski to school when there’s snow on the ground.

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