• 10 min. transfer
  • 20 min. sleigh ride
  • 45 min. total duration

Price € 49 p.p.



A trip with Finnish horses in snowy, dark forests while bells are jingling is an experience we definitely want to offer you. Depending on the weather you can admire the northern lights from the sleigh. Before or after the ride you have a change to enjoy hot berry juice and gingerbread.

The equipment

There will be some blankets waiting for you on the sleigh, but you better dress up warm so you can fully enjoy the northern lights from the sleigh.

Did you know?

A sleigh was the main type of transportation of both goods and people for the Sami people for a long time. Up until now, they still use horses and reindeer to pull sleighs when they need to move things around in high snow.

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